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Atlanta Skydiving Center has a full time rigging loft on the premisis to assist you in a full range of parachute system rigging services.

Our rigging services include the following:


  Assembly and Repacks

Sport/student reserve inspection and repack
Tandem reserve inspection and repack
Assemble reserve to container
Assemble main to container
Install AAD into AAD-ready container
Pack tandem main
Pack sport main

Cypres Service

New Cypres batteries (includes installation)
Install customer-provided AAD batteries
Remove/Install Cypres during repack cycle
4-year Cypres maintenance (includes shipping)
Install Cypres pockets in reserve container

Parachute Maintenance

Inspect main
Detachable soft links (includes installation)
Reline canopy (does not include price of lines)
Replace individual line, per line
Replace lower steering lines
Canopy patch, any size, per patch
Replace rapid link, per link
Install slider bumpers (set of 4)
Acid mesh test and 40-lb. pull test (rounds)
Collapsible slider conversion
Per hour charge on other parachute repairs

Container Maintenance

Wash container and reassemble
Grommet/snap replacement
Install/replace BOC
Third riser or velcroless toggle conversion
Hard cutaway cable housing conversion
Retack cable housings
Replace/retack Racer quick loop
Per hour charge on other container repairs
Jumpsuit Repair
Zipper replacement
Rebuild booties
Per hour charge on other jumpsuit repairs

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Atlanta Skydiving Center flies turbine aircraft,
7 days per week 365 days per year.
Call us at 770-684-DIVE (3483) or 1-800-607-JUMP (5867) today!

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